Item  Description  Price 
Content Image  Bedside Lamps

Create a cozy & relaxing bedroom atmosphere.
$49.99 each
 Content Image Foyer Light Fixture

This is the first impression when the buyers walk into your home. You can always exclude the light fixture and bring them with you to your new home. 
Content Image

Dining Room Light Fixture Again, you can take it with you to your new home. It is the focal point of the dining room. Setup the dining table as if your guests are coming for a dinner party. Buyers would appreciate and imagine how they can entertain their friends in their new home.   
Content Image

Window panels & white shears are used to dress up the windows and soften the room.

$49.99 for 2 panels.

$19.99 for white shears

Content Image

 Hotel Collection duvet cover set creates a sense of luxury. $50.00 per set

 Content Image Sofa cushions can dress up the sofa and hide the sofa if it is dated.  $20 to $25 each 
Content Image

 Area rug defines the living space and ties the living room furniture together. $45 for a 3'x5'
Content Image Replace old bath towels & shower curtain.

Under $50
 Content Image Place fragrance diffuser in the bathroom to create the spa atmosphere. $9.99