Signing Agreement to Lease:

  • Standard Lease Agreement (Offer) provided by Ontario Real Estate Association(OREA) and Ontario Standard Lease (OSL) to be prepared by your Realtor.

  • Fill out OREA Rental Application Form per applicant. (Mandatory) & Copy of Driver's License or Photo ID per applicant.

  •  Within 24 hours upon acceptance of offer, Tenant prepares a "money order/bank draft/certified cheque" payable to Listing Brokerage specified in the Lease agreement.

  • Tenants is responsible for booking elevator with property management office (charges might be apply) and change utilities ownership from landlord to tenants.


    Please note if you are banking with online banks such as PC Financials, it might take longer time to obtain a certified cheque.

 The 2015 rent increase guideline is 1.6 percent.
 The 2016 rent increase guideline is 2.0 percent.
 The 2017 rent increase guideline is 1.5 percent.
 The 2018 rent increase guideline is 1.8 percent.
 The 2019 rent increase guideline is 1.8 percent.